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Last year our on-line retailers took tens of millions in sales. Websites conceived and managed by us have won awards in 2015 and 2016. To talk more about measurable results, call John on 0161 660 7110 or send us a message.

Venditan Commerce

E-commerce sites. To us they're a way of life

E-commerce is what we do, day in, day out. (And sometimes weekend-in, weekend out, too.) A lot of what we do is complicated and techno. So we won't bore you with it. Instead, we'll just tell you what you came to hear:

We make e-commerce make you money.

That's not a claim we make lightly. We have over ten years' experience of making our clients successful. Something they're happy to confirm with their kind testimonials. There is no blueprint for getting e-commerce right. Every online retailer is different. But there are some basic points we'll certainly discuss if you choose to meet us:

The chaos theory doesn't work

Never be tempted by the multi-vendor, multi-contact route. As your single contact, Docnet would take the overall responsibility for your EPoS, e-commerce, channel marketing and back-office. You just get on with running your business.

Forget multi-system phobia

Some people have delayed their online retail debut because the idea of getting all the different systems involved to actually speak to each other can be, frankly, scary. Will your current IT platform get on with the site content management software? Will the payment systems work properly? In more than one currency? Will there be yet another system to keep on top of your fulfilment and stock situation and talk to the others? The answer is yes, yes and yes. We've been there and we've done it. Lots of times. As you'll see in our case studies.

Will customers love your shop, or go next door?

Site design is about creating an attractive online retail environment, but it's also more than that. A site that loads at a slug's pace, for example, can take just seconds to send consumers away looking for a faster one. Once they're in your site, how easy is it for them to find the stuff they're looking for? Direct people there quickly, or else.

The mystical significance of P x three

All our online retailer clients have become successful because, with our help, they have constantly addressed the '3 Ps'.

We could even save you over £150,000

That fact is, retailers' websites have to be legally compliant. Otherwise the penalty is up to £150,000. As part of what we do, we'll make sure yours is squeaky clean. It may be a detail. But it's a big detail.

Would you sincerely like e-commerce to make you money?

Then talk to us. There's no subject we like chatting about more.

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To talk more about measurable results, call John or Chris on 0161 660 7110 or send us a message.